lunes, 8 de febrero de 2010

Saturday, February 6th 2010: absolutely unforgettable

Le premier jour du reste de ma vie.

All these images appearing in my mind, they won't go away. The bed is way too big only for me and way too cold no matter how many blankets I put, if I don't have your body next to mine I know I'll freeze. My arms just want to hold you and my lips just want to kiss you. I miss those sweet green eyes where I could lose myself forever even though it hasn't even been a day without you, every minute pierces my soul with your abscence. And now I'm supposed to sleep here alone and only dream of your smile and your whispers late at night... So I miss you and I love you and I'm sure I'll never get used to sleeping without you again, not now that I've tasted the perfection of sharing a matress with you, feeling your body onto mine. And it gives me the chills when I remember when we were one. We couldn't be any closer, and our souls would fuse and merge. But that seems only to have been a dream 'till I pinch myself and realize it's real; we were real, we still are, you are mine and I'm yours in body and soul 'till the end of our time and there's no one who's ever arrived this far and this deep in my heart, I just hope it lasts forever. Now that I know what happiness is I couldn't bear the idea of letting it go, and losing you with it.
And now we're back to the beginning and I'm still lying on my bed with all these images and words through my head and my heart is about to explode 'cause it's screaming your name. I can't sleep without you anymore.

ತೊದೋ ಲೋ ಕುಎ ನೆಸೆಸಿತೋ ಮೇ ಲೋ ದಾಸ್ ತು.